brightpcguru is a leading printer repair service based out of Sunnyvale California. We provide extensive services for all sorts of repair and installation issues with your printing machines. We are better known for a quick deliverance of our services. Our experts are trained in their respective fields to operate quickly and efficiently as we value your time.

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Sunnyvale california, brightpcguru is a privately owned, closely held company with no debt and no outside capital. Unlike many companies in this industry, we emphasize stability and reliability. You will find a company focused on engineering, customer support, and long-term agreements with the largest manufacturers in the industry.

We pride ourselves in addressing each and every customer’s unique needs, providing products and solutions backed up with conscientious, unwavering customer service.

We have a team of experts for every field required to service any kind of request. We do not delay our services because of lack of man power are are completely transparent. You will not only have the most wonderful experience but also will find it extremely convenient as we make sure that you do not even have to lift a finger once the appointment is set with us.